New Jersey Citizens Opposing Forced Fluoridation

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Updated: 3/3/2012

Help stop the forced fluoridation of New Jersey’s drinking water!

Click here to view the NJ Assembly bill A811 / Senate bill S959.

What is fluoride?

Fluoride acids are among the most corrosive chemicals known. The fluoridation chemicals used in public water supplies are waste products of the phosphate fertilizer industry. If the industry wasn't permitted to dump this waste product into our drinking water, they'd have to dispose of it as hazardous waste.

Fluoride exposure has been linked to many health problems, including hip fractures, neurological damage, ADD/ADHD, lead poisoning, Alzheimer's Disease, birth defects, skeletal fluorosis, dental fluorosis, early onset of puberty, immune system suppression, bone cancer and other rare forms of cancer.

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Overview of Problems with Fluoridation

What is wrong with this picture?
A comparison between the toxicity and maximum
contaminant levels of lead, fluoride and arsenic

Relative Toxicity Maximum Contaminant Levels
Fluoride is more toxic than lead and less toxic than arsenic Legal limits in drinking water: Lead - 15 ppb; Arsenic - 50 ppb; Fluoride - 4000 ppb
Based on LD50 data from Robert E.
Gosselin et al, Clinical Toxicology of
Commercial Products
5th ed., 1984
Standards established by the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Inform your community about fluoridation!
Download the Water Fluoride Brochure (Adobe Acrobat required)

Nancy Browne Coleman, President
Agnes Dockendorff, Vice President
NJ Citizens Opposing Forced Fluoridation
P.O. Box 91
Convent Station NJ 07961-0091