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UPDATE AS OF 3-3-2012

The New Jersey Public Water Fluoridation Act A1811/S959 could be voted upon as early as March 15, 2012!

New Jersey bills A1811/S959 have been voted out of their respective committees and could be voted upon as early as March 15! We will not know if they are posted for a vote until a week before the voting sessions in both the NJ Senate and Assembly.

The bills have by-passed the appropriation committees of both the Senate and the Assembly! Unfunded mandates are against our state constitution! We all should be screaming about this, although, as happened in California, there is potential for third party funding to already be lined up to cover set-up costs for municipalities. And since the financial benefit to the industries that produce the toxic waste that is used to fluoridate water systems (phosphate processing, aluminum, etc.), has been estimated at $125,000,000/yr., one can guess from where that funding is coming. There are very significant costs, though, associated with running/repairing/replacing systems as well as purchasing the toxic waste product that is added to the water (90% of fluoridation systems use fluosilicic acid, wastes from phosphate processing which has never been used in safety and effectiveness testing and has been linked with higher blood levels in children).

Call your NJ state representatives to ask them to vote against this bill. Keep track of the progress of the bills by calling the NJ Office of Legislative Services 1-800-792-8630 or on the NJ State website ( At this link, you can also click on link to find your local legislator. Call Governor Christie's office (609-292-6000) and ask him not to sign a bill mandating the fluoridation of water supplies.

Spread the word! Email/call your friends, family, neighbors, local city/state government reps. Copy this and put flyers in your health food stores!

Say you are outraged at being forced to use fluoridated water; that there are known susceptible populations to the deleterious effects of fluoride: the elderly, people with deficiencies of calcium, magnesium, and/or vitamin C, people with cardiovascular and kidney problems and children under 12 months of age; there is also the potential for over exposure depending upon how much water one drinks and other sources from which they receive fluoride (dental products, fluoride pesticides, fluorinated pharmaceuticals, processed foods made with fluoridate water, bottled and canned drinks and tea, etc.); 24 studies show lower IQ of children in fluoridated areas; several studies have shown higher rates of bone cancer in young men under to age of 20.

Tell them our public water supplies should not be the avenue for medicating people (especially with a industrial graded toxic waste product) since there is no control of levels of intake as well as the fact that most water goes down drains and on lawns and driveways! Tell them you thought this was a democracy!

If you want further information about fluoride/fluoridation go to the website of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) a USA based network of groups and individuals both in the US and internationally.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR DISTRICT’S ASSEMBLYPEOPLE AND TELL THEM OF YOUR OPINION OF THIS MANDATE.  Individual letters mean more than emails and phone calls.  Visits by appointment to their legislative offices mean even more!


Find your district:
         Then to find your legislators:


Click here to view the NJ Assembly bill A1811.


Arguments To Use In Letters

The following are additional arguments to use (we thank Paul Connett, PhD, for allowing us to use information from the book he is writing; all references may be obtained on the Fluoride Action Network [FAN] at

Fluoridation is unethical because it violates an individual’s right to informed consent to medication, especially since tooth decay is neither life threatening nor contagious. It ignores that some people are more vulnerable to the toxic effects, especially families of low income whose diets can be lacking nutrients and who cannot afford avoidance measures. No one monitors the health or harm of individuals ingesting fluoridated water, or total intake from other sources. Doses and/or an individual’s response cannot be controlled.

Fluoridation is unnecessary because children can have perfectly good teeth without being exposed to fluoride. The “benefits” claimed even by fluoridation promoters are topical so the water does not have to be ingested and toothpaste should be all that is needed, if at all. Breast milk contains only about 0.01 ppm, which is 100 times less than in fluoridated tap water - nature knows best! Children in non-fluoridated areas are already ingesting more than enough from other sources as indicated by dental fluorosis, which is 2 times higher in unfluoridated communities.

Fluoridation is ineffective since recent dental researchers concede that its’ “benefits” are topical not systemic. It is ineffective at preventing pit and fissure tooth decay, which is 85% of the tooth decay experienced by children. It cannot prevent “baby bottle” tooth decay. Presently, poor populations of children in large fluoridated cities are experiencing dental crisises even with fluoride! The early fluoridation trials were seriously flawed and would not stand up to scientific scrutiny today. Several studies show that decay is declining as fast, if not faster, in non-fluoridated industrialized countries. The largest survey conducted in the US showed only a difference in tooth decay of 0.6 on one tooth surface out of 128 in children living all their lives in fluoridated communities (not statistically significant.) The latest survey among 10,000 children in South Australia showed NO difference in decay between children who drank fluoridated water vs. those who did not. When fluoridation was halted in communities in Finland, former East Germany, Cuba and Canada, tooth decay continue to decline.

Fluoridation is unsafe because it accumulates in bones making them more brittle and prone to fracture. The first indication of fluoride damage to bones are symptoms which are identical to arthritis, which 1 in 3 American adults suffer, yet health authorities are not making any attempts to track the level of fluoride in the bones of American people. Fluoride also accumulates in the pineal gland, possibly lowering the production of melatonin, an important regulatory hormone, which controls the timing of biological cycles such as the onset of puberty and aging. Fluoride damages the enamel (dental fluorosis) of a high percentage of children. There are serious but mixed findings in both animal and human studies (including one completed by the NJ Dept. of Health) between fluoridation and osteosarcoma (cancer of the bone - most commonly in the long bones) in young men which would normally trigger the precautionary principle and further studies - but no studies have been called for. Studies have shown that the thyroid function of normal people could be lowered by fluoride in the drinking water. In animal studies fluoride at 1 ppm in drinking water increases the uptake of aluminum into the brain and the formation of beta amyloid deposits that are characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. Counties in the US with 3-ppm ore more of fluoride in their water have lower fertility rates. In human studies silicofluoride agents (used in 91% of fluoridation systems) correlates with an increase in the uptake of environmental lead into children’s blood and increases in violent behavior.

Water fluoridation uses industrial grade forms of fluoride. Although the mandate being considered does not stipulate what fluoride products have to be used, 91% of systems use silicofluorides. Unlike the pharmaceutically graded products used by dental professionals, these agents are untreated, untested industrial grade waste products from the phosphate processing industry-containing contaminants such as arsenic, lead, mercury, etc. It is estimated by a scientist at the federal Environmental Protection Agency that this industry alone is reaping an economic advantage by diluting its toxic waste into our drinking water is $125,000,000 a year! This is because it is being paid for the waste that it would have to dispose of as a hazardous waste. It is not hard to see where the pressure is coming from! Wouldn’t this be a great investigation for some savvy reporter?


PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS ENOUGH INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE FOR YOU TO WRITE AN INTELLIGENT LETTER TO THE DHSS. If you need more detailed info, please go to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) website ( for documentation on the fluoridation issue. We have not written a form letter because authorities will pay more attention to self-written letters than to form letters, and even more attention to personal visits and showing up at hearings. If you still feel you need help in the way of a form letter, please contact us at 973-984-0604.

Please keep up to date on this issue by sending us your email address or checking our website regularly. We are a not-for-profit grassroots organization run by volunteers with little funding and will not be able to send out newsletters every time there is an update!

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